QYT KT8900D Dual Band 25 Watt Mobile Transceiver
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QYT KT8900D Dual Band 25 Watt Mobile Transceiver

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QYT KT8900D Dual Band 25 Watt Mobile Transceiver 


1. Latest Updated KT-8900D (2nd Gen. of KT-8900), compact and lightweight, easy to install
2. Dual band(136~174 400~480) and Quadstandby(136~174MHz 400~480MHz 220~260MHz 350~390MHz) for amateur use
3. Basic FM radio function, CTCSS DCS PTT ID, DTMF,remote stun adn remote kill
4. Output power: VHF25Watt UHF 20Watt


1. Memory Channel: 200
2. Channel Spacing: 25KHz 20K 12.5
3. Frequency Stability: 2.5ppm
4. Operating Temperature: -20C ~ + 60C
5. Operating Voltage: 13.8V DC ± 15%
6. Dimension: 103(W)*47(H)*126(L)mm
7. Weight (with bracket): 1kg
8. Receiver Sensitivity: 0.25V / 0.35V
9. Channel choice:≥70dB /≥60dB
10.Intermodulation: ≥65dB/≥60dB
11.Inter-modulation Rejection: ≥60dB/ ≥65dB
12.Spurious Rejection: ≥70dB /≥70dB
13.Audio Distortion: ≤5%
14.Audio output power:≥2W@10%

Package Includes:

1x QYT Updated KT8900D Car Radio Quadstandby Amateur Mobile Transceiver
1x Microphone with DTMF Keypad
1x User Manual
1x Charger
1x Mount Kit

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