ARRL Work the World with JT65 and JT9

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Work the World with JT65 and JT9

Explore a New World of Digital Communication


Thanks to these two revolutionary digital communication modes, any radio amateur can easily make contacts throughout the world. You don’t need high power or large antennas with JT65 or JT9. Ham radio operators have already used these modes to earn awards such as ARRL’s DX Century Club with nothing more than 5 watts RF output and indoor antennas.

Work the World with JT65 and JT9 shows you how to assemble an effective station and configure the software for best performance. You’ll learn how to make contacts, and also how to use these modes as tools to test your station and study HF propagation.


  • Getting to Know the “JTs”
    Get the facts about JT65 and JT9. Learn how these protocols work and the advantages they offer.
  • Let's Build a JT-Capable Station
    Pull together all the hardware and software you’ll need to get on the air with JT65 and JT9. Chances are, you own several items already.
  • On the Air with JT65 and JT9
    Set up your software and start making contacts!
  • Tricks and Tips
    Learn how to get the most from JT65 and JT9.
  • Resources for configuring JT65 for Software Defined Radio (SDR)


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Softcover: 96 pages

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